Privacy Policy


  • Essay Writing Services UAE knows that customer’s privacy is the top most priority and without it is hard to retain customers. We only ask for the information that is require for our process and no irrelevant information is taken.
  • The personal information is used so that order can be proceeded and customer can be contacted back easily. Moreover, we keep on sending message regarded our discounted offers
  • We have secure website functionalities so there is no issue in sharing your information with us.
  • If a customer want he/she can disable the cookies but than it can limit them for all the features of website.


  • If customer has shared each and every information and the assignment is still not up to the mark and there are some things lacking so we do provide revision. We do free revision for you 3 times but still if a customer is not happy and ask for money back we refund the amount
  • The time of one week is required to refund the amount and transfer it back to customers account.